Whether you are painting the inside of your house for the first time or wanting to re-paint, it is important to select the right paint colours. This post will explain the best tricks to help you easily select the most appealing colours for your interior space.

  1. Pick your furniture and decors before picking interior wall paint colours: this is because, when it comes to buying furniture and interior decors, you may not have the chance to select the exact colours you want as your range of choices will be limited to what’s available in the market. So it’s easier to pick the available furniture and décor items that appeal to your style the most and then choose a wall colour that matches the selected furniture and décor items.
  2. Consider the room’s size: If you want to make your room look bigger, opt for lighter shades but if you want the room to look cozy, choose a darker shade.
  3. Consider the Room’s function and mood-setting: Consider both these factors, before deciding the colour. If you want the room to be a high-energy area, use warm tones but if you want to use the space for relaxing, consider cool colours such as blue and grey.
  4. Use testers before you buy paints: This is because, even after you have made your choice of paint colours and textures, you still cannot be 100% sure how they will turn out until you apply the paints on the walls. So the smartest thing to do is to buy tester paints of the colours/shades you have chosen and paint a large area on a few different walls and see how the light hits it at different times of the day. By doing so, you can get the best interior wall paint ideas for your home that will look good for the room at all times of the day.
  5. Test your paint colours against furniture and fabrics: Apart from testing the paints on the walls, test them against the furniture and other elements in the space. Paint a small poster board and hold it up against the furniture and fabrics to get an idea about how well they match together.
  6. Have a consistent colour theme: It is good to experiment with different colours but remember that every space of your home must connect to one another. Have consistency in the basic colour theme for your interiors. Choose the best interior wall paint colours that will complement each aspect of your interior space. Avoid colour rioting on your interior walls.
  7. Go by the Colour Palette: The colour wheel refers to the arrangement of colours according to their shades in the paint colour palette. Every colour has a range of other shades they can perfectly match with and that’s the essence of a colour wheel. The best pick for interior wall paints coloursand designs would be to follow the colour wheel in your paint combinations.
  8. Stick to your favourite colours: It will be your personal guide to choosing colours. For example, simply open your wardrobe and understand your subconscious preference and choose the colour that your mind picks. In whatever colours you chose, make sure you settle for colours that mostly appeal to your natural self.

In summary, with these home painting colour ideas, you can now be the boss in choosing the right paint colours for your interiors.

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    Thank you so much for this great insight..you still remain the best..

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